The main idea of ​​this project was to restructure an existing website to improve its navigation flow and distribute the content of each of its pages in a more user-friendly way.

This simple and beautiful-looking website was developed under the WordPress 5.7.1 platform, making use of the Elementor v3.1.4 builder. In addition to the use of Elementor, we also worked with Simple Custom CSS and JSS, which allowed us to add extra functionalities to the website, working easily through code.

The Awesome Weather Widget plugin has been implemented to display in real-time accurate data of the community’s current weather and predictions for the next few days. Modern Event Calendar Lite was used to attractively display the events that will take place in the community in the coming days. In turn, it allows synchronization with Google Calendar, allowing users to add and share reminders about these events directly in their accounts.

The download area was developed with the Shared Files plugin, which helped organize and structure all the downloadable content that is planned to be located on the website; In addition, it allows the user to directly show informational data about the existing files, such as their size, extension, among others.

Finally, Contact Form 7 was used to create simple and attractive contact forms, which allow users to communicate and connect more easily with the support and administrative team of the page and institution.


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