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Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving and increasingly complex landscape.

As the threat landscape changes, many municipal government agencies do not have the cyber security tools and capacity in-house to keep up with new threats. This can lead to increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty. Consequently, breaches and successful attacks can cost governments millions — not to mention the harm done to your departments reputation.

Tejon Citadel TechLabs LLC offers a suite of cybersecurity services designed for municipalities by certified experts who understand how these organisations work. We help you stay ahead of emerging risks so you can focus on what matters most — delivering quality public services like education, healthcare or transportation without interruption from cyberattacks. And because our team has experience working with local governments across North America, we know exactly which solutions will work best for your organisation based on your needs and budget constraints.

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We live in an increasingly digital age, and the lines have blurred between personal and professional lives. So it’s no surprise that cybersecurity has become a top priority for many government organisations. But with the never-ending stream of new security challenges – from ransomware to phishing scams, constantly evolving malware threats like WannaCry – under resourced resourced  IT departments can quickly feel overwhelmed by how much there is to keep up on when you’re trying to run your organization at full capacity. That is why our team offers AI-augmented managed security services so you no longer need to worry about this relentless onslaught of attacks alone! Our certified experts combine decades worth of industry knowledge along with advanced analytics powered by machine learning technology which helps identify potential risks before they happen.

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How our service works

End-to-end Cybersecurity Services
End-to-end Cybersecurity Services
We securely manage, monitor, and protect data from all sources for an end-to-end cybersecurity ecosystem. Whether you need to optimize your existing solutions or implement a fully managed program we offer excellence in security services with our extensive experience tackling the most challenging cyber threats. We help businesses discover endpoint risks as well detect user behavior anomalies that could lead to network breaches and application attacks before they have negative consequences on your departments operational tempo. Whether you want optimized cybersecurity defenses or implemented comprehensive protection Tejon Citadel TechLabs LLC provides excellent service across municipal agencies across North America at competitive pricing backed by years of proven process implementation.
Cybersecurity Experts
Cybersecurity Experts
The Tejon Citadel TechLabs LLC team is here to help you keep your data safe. With years of experience in detecting attacks and implementing measures for threat mitigation, our dedicated experts can make sure your government information stays secure with a variety of sophisticated solutions that are up-to-date on the latest threats and technologies.
Working with Big Data
Working with Big Data
Tejon Citadel TechLabs LLC' experts are responsible for managing and analyzing TB-sized data in cybersecurity projects. They work with the end-to-end lifecycle from ingestion to storage, analysis, visualization and prediction of cyberattacks by using sophisticated ML algorithms that not only detect these threats but also predict them.
Threat Remediation
Threat Remediation
We use cloud-based big data and machine learning practices so that advanced, complex threats to your government agency can be detected in real time. Our automation services allow us reduce the amount of human intervention needed for threat assessment and remediation by fully augmenting this process once it is initiated from our systems.
Managed Cybersecurity Services
Managed Cybersecurity Services
As your professional IT security provider, we offer end-to-end services to ensure a secure experience for you and your government organisation. You can feel comfortable that our expertise will offload the burden so you are free to focus on other strategic initiatives for your constituents and stakeholders.

Your organization is at risk, protect it!

In a world where hackers have the power to steal your most important and sensitive information. What would you do if that happened? Security is an issue, but it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive when businesses take measures on their own terms!

On any given day, could you be sure of just how strong your company’s tech safety measures are? Do you know what type of security systems there are in place for help with preventing cyber crimes from happening against your department?

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Cybersecurity Offerings

Threat detection and Remediation

Threat Intelligence and Hunting

Vulnerability Management

Managed Security

AI-Based Anti-Virus

Security Patching

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Compliances and Maintenence

Security Assessment and Consultation

Endpoint Security

MultiFactor Authentication

24x7 SOC (Security Operations Center)

Application Updates

Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Incident Response and Analysis

Microsoft Security Solutions

Email Encryption

Email/Spam FIltering

Dark Web Monitoring

Cybersecurity Policy Creation

Threat Anticipation

Perimeter Security- Firewall

Phishing Attack Simulations

DNS Web Filtering

Network Monitoring

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery