Our Partnership

On occasion Tejon Citadel TechLabs LLC seeks partnerships, teaming agreements and prime/sub contractor relationships to increase operational efficiencies and bring added value to our agency clients in both Canada and the US. Tejon Citadel TechLabs LLC partners with various types of companies to best address the needs of a specific industry on a case by case basis. Each partnership is created to be a synergistic cubed success, that is a win for the agency client, a win for the partner, and a win for us!

What we are looking for...

We are always looking for new product and development opportunities that allow you to take advantage of our regulatory status, clearance, strengths, and capabilities. This can range widely depending on the agency, anywhere from content writers for municipal web development to strategic system architects for defense contracts.

Essentially if you...

You believe you have a 'best of breed' solution.

Need a partner who can leverage the administrative requisites with the infrastructure for market share growth with no investment on your part.

You do not have the security clearance required.

You are not authorized or competitively positioned for federal, state, provincial or municipal government procurement.

Areas of Operation…

Interested in becoming a partner?

You should be talking to us.