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What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is the collection of websites, technologies and tools which have been specifically developed for people of all different abilities to have equality of access to them. An accessible website is built using the latest best practices and is the most user-friendly design for the most audiences possible. This empowers each of them the ability to navigate, interact, and understand your website and online resources.

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Accessibility for All

Many government agencies across North America are beginning to enforce laws that require all public documents and websites to be fully accessible to everyone to help achieve a no-barriers environment. Is your website fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards?

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Accessibility Audit & Executive Report

Accessibility Compliance Consulting

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Accessibility Audit and Executive Report

An accessibility audit can save your department hundreds of hours of manual AB testing and troubleshooting to meet compliance requirements. The TCT Accessibility Executive Report and Action Plan will clearly outline what compliance improvements can be made, how to get all website elements and online resources service compliant within your department’s timeline and budget.


Each report is tailored for your departments timeline.


Each report is tailored for your departments budget.