The team behind the update of the Senator Ben Cardin website wanted to give him and his staff an updated look making it easier for users and enable information sharing. They used WordPress 5.8 as the foundation, along with Elementor plugin version 3.3.8.

Senator Cardin’s website provides the user with a dynamic, informative experience by using many tools and plugins. One of these is WP Google Maps which allows visitors to see where their state representative or senator works at any given time in relation to both location-based services as well as contact information for those who would like more details on what they do while serving others locally, statewide, or in Washington.

The site is designed with an integrated database search feature. Additionally we use the Yoast SEO plugin and post type structure which both help us measure metrics about how well our search engine optimization (SEO) strategies work on an individual page level as well as provide scalability in case there are changes needed down the line or if something happens outside of normal business hours.


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