The main objective of the Rancho San Satoshi web project is to promote the website using different technological tools and strategies, and to inform the community about everything related to BTC topics, as it was intended to be a digital magazine/blog for easy reading.

To build this website, we used WordPress as the main development environment, in which we also implemented different types of plugins, such as Canva to layout and style the publication of blog posts, Custom Twitter Feeds that were used to link the Twitter client account and to display their publications directly on the website as well as adding direct functionality on the website to interact with Twitter (such as a button to follow the account) and also used, Advanced Popups to customize and give dynamism to the interaction that the user performs when interacting with the website, and finally we also used Powerkit that provides blocks and sections to design the website in an agile way and giving flexibility to the interaction that the user lives.


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