With a collective experience spanning over decades, our team at Tejon Citadel TechLabs had the privilege of architecting and executing the digital platform for Estudio de Las Rosas. This multidisciplinary artistic studio required a robust, dynamic, and user-friendly website, and our team delivered a product that exceeded expectations on all fronts.

Technical Highlights

Adaptive & Responsive Design

Our front-end specialists employed advanced CSS3 techniques to ensure the website adapts seamlessly across various devices.

E-commerce Excellence

Our team integrated a secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform, fortified with the latest security protocols and multiple payment options.

Fortified Security Architecture

Our security specialists instituted a robust framework, including SSL encryption and data sanitization, to safeguard against vulnerabilities.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

Our back-end developers crafted a tailored CMS that empowers the client to manage content effortlessly.

Interactive UI Components

Our JavaScript developers created custom interactive components, such as an event calendar, to enhance user engagement.

API & Third-Party Integrations

Our developers skillfully integrated RESTful APIs and third-party services to augment the site's capabilities, including real-time social media feeds.

SEO Mastery

Our SEO experts applied industry-leading strategies to maximize visibility and drive organic traffic.

Multilingual Capabilities

Our team implemented a sophisticated multilingual system to cater to a global audience without compromising on SEO or user experience.

Performance Tuning

Our performance engineers employed cutting-edge techniques like lazy loading and asset minification to achieve rapid load times.

Challenges & Solutions:


Our team managed high-resolution multimedia assets through efficient CDN utilization, ensuring rapid load times without compromising visual fidelity.

We integrated a complex, real-time booking system for courses, demonstrating our team’s problem-solving skills.

The Estudio de Las Rosas website serves as a testament to the multifaceted skill set and collaborative effort of our team at Tejon Citadel TechLabs. It showcases our commitment to delivering high-performance, secure, and user-friendly platforms tailored to meet diverse business needs.

This portfolio addition aims to not only highlight the website’s features but also to showcase the collaborative expertise Tejon Citadel TechLabs brings to the table. For further details or a live demo, feel free to reach out to us.


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